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F-21 Sugar Blocker


What is F21?

F21 is a delicious tasting chewable tablet that is half the sweetness of sugar, which helps block sugar absorption into the bloodstream as well as supporting beneficial probiotics within your digestive system. It is also an antioxidant that will help boost your immune system response.

What does F21 stand for?

Formula 20:1 ratio. For every gram of L-Arabinose, F21 blocks up to 20 grams of sucrose by inhibiting the enzyme called sucrase.

How come I am not losing any more weight or any?

F21 was designed to block added sugar (sucrose) and turn that toxic sugar along with the L-arabinose to prebiotics in the large intestine to feed probiotics. Weight loss is just a side effect in two ways that 1) when sugar is blocked, some fat cells are broken to make glucose between meals and 2) probiotic activities help lose unwanted waste. However, weight loss will less likely happen to people who have starch heavy diets because blocked sugar will be replaced by starch as a source of glucose.

What are the ingredients in F21?

L-Arabinose, Coriolus versicolor polysaccharide, Konjac-Mannan, Magnesium Stearate

How does F21 benefit me?

F21 has been formulated to help limit your blood sugar absorption to protect our health from added sugar related problems like obesity, diabetes, brain and heart diseases and cancer. Our digestive system will also receive the benefits of F21 to feed probiotic bacteria. With our powerful polysaccharides (PSK) to support the immune system response and protect against further free radical damage, and Konjac-Mannan to work as an appetite suppressant.

What type of sugar does F21 block?

F21 blocks only sucrose. Sucrose is made up of glucose and fructose, and is broken down by an enzyme called sucrase. The primary ingredient in F21, L-arabinose, helps to inhibit sucrase.

Does F21 block high-fructose corn syrup?

No, F21 cannot block high-fructose corn syrup because it does not require the sucrase enzyme to be broken down.

How many tablets of F21 should I take?

We recommend taking two tablets of F21 before each meal. It depends on the sugar content in the food you eat. Remember each F21 tablet blocks up to 10 grams of sugar (sucrose).

Can I take more than two F21 tablets at a time?

Yes. F21 is considered food grade. However, if you experience adverse side effects, consult your physician.

Will taking more F21 tablets at a time block more sugar?

Yes, to a degree. Two tablets can block up to 20 grams of sucrose. Taking more will increase the amount of L-arabinose in your system but since your digestive tract is constantly moving, taking a large single dose may not necessarily block sugar at the exact same ratio.

How long will F21 last in your system (body)?

This ultimately depends on your body; everybody is unique. F21 generally remains effective in the body for about 2 hours after consumption.

When should you take F21 before eating?

We generally recommend individuals to take F21 10-15 minutes before a meal or sugary snack. This ensures L-arabinose is present in your small intestine and is ready to block the sucrase enzyme, which is responsible for breaking down sucrose. Right before your meal is good as well.

Can I take F21 or other Ludaxx products if I am suffering from a medical condition, such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, etc.?

Although Ludaxx products are considered safe, and all ingredients are on the FDAs GRAS list, everyone has a unique medical history that only your physician can assess. Ludaxx recommends consulting with your physician before taking ANY dietary supplements if you have any concerns, regardless of whether they are Ludaxx products.

F21 Sugar Blocker

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